Practice Test on Multiples and Factors

Enjoy practicing math practice test on multiples and factors of the numbers. The questions are mainly related to find the multiple of a number and finding the common factors of two or more numbers. Read the problem related to multiple and factors carefully to understand the question and also to get the clear concept on what we need to find out before solving.

A. Fill in the blanks:

(a) ___________ is a factor of every number. 

(b) ___________ is a multiple of every number. 

(c) The large factor of a number is ___________.

(d) Every number has at least ___________ factors. 

(e) The first multiple of a number is the ___________ itself. 

(f) All multiple of 9 are multiple of ___________ also. 

B. Problem Related to Multiple and Factors:

(a) 12 fire engines were sent to put out the fire. Each fire engine carried 7 people. How many people helped to put out the fire?

(b) 72 books were arranged equally on 8 shelves. How many books are there on each shelf?

(c) If you were asked to arrange the seating arrangement of 36 children in a classroom, what would be the different ways the seating could be done?

(d) The gardener planted 7 rose bushes in the first garden and added 7 more rose bushes in the next garden and then 7 more in the third garden. How many rose bushes did he plant in the 10ᵗʰ garden?

(e) Rachael has 8 sweets. She wishes to distribute them in a way that the number of sweets are given to each child is equal to the number of children. How will she do it?

Answers for the practice test on multiples and factors are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions related to multiple and factors.


A. (a) 1

(b) 0

(c) the number itself

(d) 2

(e) number

(f) 3

B. (a) 84

(b) 9

(c) 1 × 36; 2 × 18; 3 × 12; 4 × 9; 6 × 6

(d) 70

(e) 9 × 9

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