Practice Test on Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Practice test on addition and subtraction word problems will help the children to solve word problems based on addition and subtraction. Recall the systematic approach in learning the mathematical practice test on word problems involving addition and subtraction.

1. A builder has a pile of 1500 bricks. He used 956 of them to build a wall. How many are left unused? 

2. Add 37 to the difference between 75 and 52. 

3. A theatre has a seating capacity of eight hundred. On one evening, there were 146 spare seats. How many people were in the audience that night? 

4. Pam's family was out on a holiday. On the first day they drove 396 km. On the second day, they drove 448 km and on the third day they drove 142 km. How far did they drive on those three days? 

5. Ron runs a dairy farm. Read the questions given and calculate. 

(a) Last year Ron spent $ 9850 to buy a cow. This year he spent $ 1260 more than that. How much did Ron spend on the two cows?

(b) The largest cow at the farm weighs 830 kg. The smallest cow weighs 665 kg. What is the difference in weight between the largest and the smallest cow?

(c) In one season, one cow produced enough milk to make 540 kg of butter. Another cow produced enough milk to make 415 kg of butter. How much butter can be made from the milk of the two cows?

(d) In one year, two cows produced 6000 litres of milk each while a third cow produced 6200 litres of milk. How many litres of milk did the three cows produce that year?

6. The number puzzle! Solve each sum:

(a) When a number has 2 added, the answer is 15. What is the number?

(b) When a number has 3 taken away, the answer is 24. What is the number?

(c) When 2, 6, 4 and 8 are subtracted from a number, the answer is 1. Find the number.

7. Choose any of the following numbers which when added four times gives a total of 100.

  25;   23;   16;   17;   30.

8. Any was asked to write the numeral for 'forty seven thousand seven' She wrote 4707. What is the difference between the correct number and her answer?

9. What number is 10 less than 37505?

10. Write the greatest six digit number using all different digits. Then write the smallest six digit number using all different non zero digits. Find the sum and difference of the two numbers.

Answers for the practice test on addition and subtraction word problems are given below to check the exact answers of the above problems.


1. 544 bricks

2. 60

3. 654 seats

4. 986 km

5. (a) 20960

(b) 165 kg

(c) 955 kg

(d) 18200 l

6. (a) 13

(b) 27

(c) 21

7. 25

8. 42300

9. 37495

10. 987654; 123456

Sum: 1111110; Difference: 864198

4th Grade Math Activities

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