Numbers from 6 to 10

Numbers from six to ten (in words) represent the number names or spelling from 6 to 10. When students learn counting the numbers from 6 to 10, along with the number names or spellings it helps them to learn easily. Examples of number names 6 to 10 are given as follows.

6 is written as six,

7 is written as seven,

8 is written as eight,

9 is written as nine and

10 is written as ten.

Let us follow some of the magical ways to learn 6 to 10 Number Names

6 to 10 number names can be learned by students easily by keeping in mind some of the basic things which we all know.

Ways to Learn Six to Ten Spellings in English

In order to memorize the number names faster students need to read and spell louder while writing them. Teach them to read the spellings louder by saying each alphabet clearly as 6 = S – I – X = Six; 7 = S – E - V – E – N = Seven etc.,

Take the print-out of this chart and paste it somewhere near the kid’s study-table so, that the child can easily look at it.

Numbers from 6 to 10

However, number from, 6 to 10 can help the kids to learn how to write any number from 6 to 10 in words if its numerical form is given. Similarly, if the number names or spelling in English is given they can write the number easily.

Count and Match:

Numbers from Six to Ten

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