Number Words 100 to 1000

We will learn how to read and write the numbers words 100 to 1000.

Reading and writing the number in words from 100 to 199:

Read one hundred five for 105

Read one hundred eighteen for 118

Read one hundred thirty-seven for 137

Read one hundred sixty-five for 165

Read one hundred eighty-two for 182

Read one hundred ninety-four for 194

Read one hundred ninety-nine for 199


Reading and writing number in words from 200 to 299:

Read two hundred ten for 210

Read two hundred twenty-two for 222

Read two hundred forty-nine for 249

Read two hundred seventy-three for 273

Read two hundred ninety for 290

Reading and writing number in words from 300 to 399:

Read three hundred one for 301

Read three hundred nineteen for 319

Read three hundred forty for 340

Read three hundred fifty-five for 355

Read three hundred eighty-nine for 389

Read three hundred ninety-nine for 399

Reading and writing number in words from 400 to 499:

Read four hundred fifteen for 415

Read four hundred twenty-seven for 427

Read four hundred sixty-three for 463

Read four hundred eighty-one for 481

Read four hundred ninety-seven for 497


Reading and writing number in words from 500 to 599:

Read five hundred three for 503

Read five hundred thirty-four for 534

Read five hundred sixty-two for 562

Read five hundred seventy-eight for 578

Read five hundred ninety-one for 591


Reading and writing number in words from 600 to 699:

Read six hundred eleven for 611

Read six hundred twenty-five for 625

Read six hundred sixty-six for 666

Read six hundred seventy-nine for 679

Read six hundred ninety-five for 695

Reading and writing number in words from 700 to 799:

Read seven hundred seven for 707

Read seven hundred twenty-nine for 729

Read seven hundred seventy for 770

Read seven hundred seventy-seven for 777

Read seven hundred eighty-four for 784


Reading and writing number in words from 800 to 899:

Read eight hundred eight for 808

Read eight hundred thirty-three for 833

Read eight hundred sixty-eight for 868

Read eight hundred ninety-three for 893


Reading and writing number in words from 900 to 999:

Read nine hundred nineteen for 919

Read nine hundred fifty-nine for 959

Read nine hundred ninety-nine for 999


Reading and writing number words 100 to 1000:

Read one hundred for 100

Read two hundred for 200

Read three hundred for 300

Read four hundred for 400

Read five hundred for 500

Read six hundred for 600

Read seven hundred for 700

Read eight hundred for 800

Read nine hundred for 900

Read 'ten hundred' or 'one thousand' for 1000

2nd Grade Math Practice

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