Nets of a Solids

We will learn how to use nets to find the surface area of a solid?

Let us take a box made of cardboard. If we cut open the box and flatten it out, the flat shape is called the net of the box. A net is a two-dimensional shape that can be folded to make a three-dimensional shape. The net of a solid is a diagram drawn on a paper which when cut and folded along the lines can be used to construct a solid shape.

For example, the following diagram shows nets of a cube.

Nets of a Cube

Not every arrangement of six squares on a paper produces a net for a cube. For example, a row of six squares does not fold to form a cube.

Net for a Cube

The net of a cylinder without top and bottom would look like a rectangle.

Net of a Cylinder without Top and Bottom

Drawing a 3 – dimensional shape depends on its view from different positions. A solid shape viewed from the front will look different when we look at it from the top or from side. For example, a cylinder viewed from the front and side will look like a rectangle but when we look at it from top it is a circle.

Views of 3-D Shapes

The views of a solid from three different directions namely top, front and side are known as plan, front elevation and side elevation respectively.

The net of a cone would look like as given below.

Net of a Cone

Questions and Answers on Nets of a Solids:

1. Match the object to its net.

Match the Object to its Net


(i)  3.

(ii)  1.

(iii)  4.

(iv)  2.

2. Color the correct net.

Color the Correct Net

3. Based on the nets given, complete the given data.

Shapes and Net



























4. Choose the right answer.

The number of faces in a cylinder is:

(a) 3

(b) 4

(c) 5

(d) 6

Answer: (c)

5. Which of the given is not the correct net for a cube?

Not the Correct Net for a Cube



6. The front elevation, side elevation and plan of some objects are given. Choose the correct object out of three choices.

Front Elevation
Side Elevation


(i) 3

(ii)   2

7. Fill in the blanks:

(i) What shape do you see when you look at a mug from the top?

(ii) What shape do you see when you look at a badminton court from the top?

(iii) What shape do you see when you look at a glass from the side?

(iv) What shape do you see when you look at a bus from the front?


(i) Circle

(ii) Rectangle

(iii) Rectangle

(iv) Rectangle

8. Choose the right answer.

What shape do you see when you look at a Mobile Phone from the side?

(i) Circle          (ii) Cone          (iii) Triangle          (iv) Rectangle


(iv) Rectangle

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