Drawing Graph of y = mx + c Using Slope and y-intercept

Here we will learn how to draw the graph of a linear relation between x and y is a straight line.

So, the graph of y = mx + c is a straight line. We know its slope is m and y-intercept is c. By knowing the slope and y-intercept for a line graph, the graph can be easily drawn.

For example: In y = √3x +5, we have slope = √3 and y-intercept = 5

As tan 60° = √3, the graph can be drawn as shown below.

Drawing Graph of y = mx + c Using Slope and y-intercept

Step I: Take a point M on the y-axis in the positive direction of the y-axis such that OM = 5.

Step II: Through M draw a line MN parallel to the x-axis.

Step III: Draw a line MP through M such that the line makes an angle 60° with MN (positive direction of the x-axis). This is the required graph of y = √3x + 5.

9th Grade Math

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