Double Bar Graph

Double bar Graph helps us to compare two data groups. For example the graph given below compares the number of boys and girls in classes I – V.

Solve examples on Double Bar Graph:

Observe the graph and answer the questions given below.

Double Bar Graph

Answer the given questions.

(i) What is the number of boys in class IV?

(ii) What is the total strength of class III?

(iii) What is the difference in the number of boys in class IV and class II?

(iv) Which class has the lowest number of boys?

(v) Which class has the highest number of girls?


From the graph we can answer the above questions.

(i) The bar for the class IV shows the number of boys on the y-axis 48.

(ii) The strength of class III = number of boys + number of girls = 108

(iii) Look at the two bars for boys of class IV and Class II. Difference = 48 - 40 = 8

(iv) Class V has the lowest number of boys.

(v) Class III has the highest number of girls.


Questions and Answers on Double bar Graph:

1. Observe the given graph and answer the questions below.

Double Bar Graph Problem

(i) Which is the most preferred sport of the girls?

(ii) Which is the most preferred sport of the boys?

(iii) How many girls like cricket?

(iv) Which sport is liked by 10 girls?

(v) How many students like basketball?

(vi) Which is your favorite sport?



(i) Basketball

(ii) Cricket

(iii) 5

(iv) Tennis

(v) 22

(vi) Tennis


2. Given below is the data showing the favorite fast food of boys and girls of class V. Draw a Double Bar graph representing the given information.

Fast Food















3. Draw a Double Bar Graph to compare the favorite ice-cream flavors of girls and boys in class V.

Ice-Cream Flavor















5th Grade Math Problems

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