Bar Graph on Graph Paper

To make drawing graphs easier, we use a graph paper. It usually has lines on every millimeter, both horizontally and vertically. The horizontal and vertical lines are perpendicular to each other the dark lines are 1 cm apart. This creates large boxes of side 1 cm, and small boxes of side 1 mm.

The population recorded in 4 villages was


Bear Creek

Iowa Colony








Display this data by a bar graph. The bar graph is shown below.

Bar Graph on Graph Paper


First we need to choose the scale for the graph. For this, note the highest and the lowest values. Here, the highest value is 600, and the lowest value is 100. The scale chosen should be such that the bar for the highest value fits easily on the paper. Also, the scale should be such that the bar for the lowest value can be easily fitted. So we choose a scale in which 1 cm length represents 100 people.

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