4th Grade Worksheet on Capacity

In 4th Grade Worksheet on Capacity we will solve different types of problems on standard unit of capacity, conversion of units of capacity, comparison of capacity, addition of units of capacity, subtraction of units of capacity, word problems on addition of units of capacity and word problems on subtraction of units of capacity.

I. Fill in the blanks with >, < or =:

(i) 3 l    


 3500 ml

(ii) 6l 450 ml


6 l

(iii) 9380 ml 


9 l 380 ml

(iv) 5 l   


4 l 900 ml

(v) 7 l      


7000 ml

II. Choose the correct answer:

1. 1000 ml is equal to:

(i) 10 l

(ii) 1 l

(iii) 100 l

(iv) 1000 l


2. If 100 ml is added to 2 l 500 ml the answer is

(i) 2 l 400 ml

(ii) 2 l

(iii) 2 l 600 ml

(iv) 200 l


3. How many times 500 ml container will be used to measure 5 l of milk

(i) 5

(ii) 10

(iii) 20

(iv) 1


4. Estimated capacity of 1 teaspoon is:

(i) 200 m

(ii) 1 l

(iii) 10 ml

(iv) 500 ml


III. Write T for true and F for false:

(i) Standard unit of capacity is litre.

(ii) Estimated capacity of washing machine is 15 millilitres.

(iii) 1 tablespoon of oil is 10 l.

(iv) 5 litre 340 millilitre is equal to 5340 millilitres.

(v) 10 litre is equal to 1000 ml.


IV. Name two objects which has a capacity of holding more than 1 litre and 2 objects which has a capacity of holding less than 1 litre.


V. Convert 3 l 10 ml into millilitres.

VI. Convert 7890 millilitres into litres.

VII. If 1 l is equal to 1000 ml then find out how much will be 8 l?

VIII. Add the following:

(i) 45 l 875 ml, 123 l 321 ml and 12 l 70 ml

(ii) 134 l 78 ml and 678 l 987 ml

(iii) 145 l 096 ml, 35 l 267 ml and 24 l 190 ml

IX. Subtract the following:

(i) 35 l 875 ml from 43 l 321 ml

(ii) 156 l 457 ml from 407 l 134 ml

(iii) 367 l 874 ml from 879 l 100 ml


X. Rachel purchased 5 l 450 ml milk. She used 3 l 800 ml in a day. How much milk is left at the end of the day?

XI. Vicky prepared sweets adding 1500 ml of milk to 4200 ml of milk. How much milk was used in all?

Answers for the 4th Grade Worksheet on Capacity are given below.


I. (i) <

(ii) >

(iii) = 

(iv) >

(v) =

II. 1. (ii)

2. (iii) 

3. (ii)

4. (iii)

III. (i) T

(ii) F

(iii) T

(iv) T

(v) F

V. 3010 mℓ

VI. 7 ℓ 890 mℓ

VII. 8000 mℓ

VIII. (i) 181 ℓ 896 mℓ

(ii) 813 ℓ 767 mℓ

(iii) 204 ℓ 553 mℓ

IX. (i) 7 ℓ 446 mℓ

(ii) 250 ℓ 677 mℓ

(iii) 511 ℓ 226 mℓ

4th Grade Worksheet on Capacity

X. 1 ℓ 650 mℓ

XI. 5 ℓ 700 mℓ

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