3rd Grade Worksheet on Weight

In 3rd grade worksheet on weight we will circle the correct unit of mass, conversion of unit of weight, Conversion of kilograms into grams, Conversion of grams into kilograms, Conversion of kilograms and grams into grams, Conversion of grams into kilograms and grams, addition of weight, subtraction of weight, word problems on weights.

I. Circle the correct unit which you will use to measure the following:

(i) Pencil box               kg        g

(ii) Bed                       kg        g

(iii) Car                       kg        g

(iv) An apple               kg        g


II. Choose the correct answer:

1. Your weight is close to:

(i) 5 kg

(ii) 25 kg

(iii) 10 kg

(iv) 15 kg

2. 1 kilogram is equal to:

(i) 100 g

(ii) 10 g

(iii) 1000 g

(iv) 1 g

3. Weight of 2 bags of flours in the given pictures is:

(i) 900 g

(ii) 9 kg

(iii) 850 g

(iv) 450 g

Weight of 2 Bags of Flours

III. Fill in the blanks:

(i) 2 kg = ............. g

(ii) 7000 g = ............. kg

(iii) 4788 g = ............. kg ............. g

(iv) 5 kg 345 g = ............. g


IV. Weight of Harry is 5000 g, Sam is 7500 g and Ron is 5880 g. Mention their weights in kg’s. Who is the heaviest among the three?



Flour Packet

The flour packet weighs ............. kg.

VI. The weight of a pumpkin is 2 kg. Draw the pointer to show the correct reading on the weighing scale.

Weight of a Pumpkin

VII. Convert 8 kg into grams.

VIII. Convert 4 kg 457 g into grams.

IX. Convert 4650 g into kilograms and grams.

X. Convert 2 kg 388 g into grams.

XI. Nancy noted down the weight of certain items present in the grocery shop. Convert the weight of items in grams. Also mention the lightest and the heaviest item amongst them.

(i) Rice – 5 kg 436 g

(ii) Cornflakes – 1 kg 527 g

(iii) Sugar – 2 kg 255 g

(iv) Wheat flour – 9 kg 268 g

(v) Lightest item is

(vi) Heaviest item is

XII. Nancy bought 178 kg 549 g white rice and 235 kg 198 g brown rice. How much rice he bought in total?

XIII. Truck A was loaded with 352 kg 100 g of pumpkins and Truck B was loaded with 207 kg 432 g of watermelons. Which truck was carrying lesser load?

Answers for the 3rd Grade Worksheet on Weight are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


I. (i) g

(ii) kg

(iii) kg

(iv) g

II. 1.

2. (iii) 

3. (i)

III. (i) 2000 g

(ii) 7 kg

(iii) 4 kg 788 g

(iv) 5345 g

IV. 5 kg, 7 kg 500 g, 5 kg, 880 g, Sam

V. 10 kg


Weighing Scale 2Kg

VII. 8000 g 

VIII. 4457 g

IX. 4 kg 650 g

X. 2388 g

XI. (i) 5436 g

(ii) 1527 g

(iii) 2255 g

(iv) 9268 g

(v) Cornflakes

(vi) Wheat flour

XII. 413 kg 747 g

XIII. Truck B

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