3rd Grade Patterns

We have learnt in our previous class that pattern is a sequence of repeating objects, shapes or numbers. Pattern has a rule which tells us that which objects belong to the pattern and which object do not.

Patterns exist all around us. We can find a pattern in trees, in the window frames, in the floor, in our clothes etc.

The pattern that neither grows not reduces but only repeats are known as repeating pattern.

Following examples of some repeating patterns

3rd Grade Math Patterns

Questions and Answers on 3rd Grade Patterns:

1. Draw the picture that comes next in each pattern. 

Picture Pattern


Picture Pattern Answer

Patterns Around Us

Thus, a pattern is an arrangement of objects, colors, or numbers placed in a certain order. Think about words or melodies in songs, lines and curves on buildings, or even in the grocery store where boxes and jars of various items arrangement forms a pattern.

1. Colour and draw the Easter egg that comes next.

Easter Egg Patterns


Easter Egg Patterns Answer

2. Look at the pattern in each row. Circle the picture that continues the pattern.

Circle the Correct Pattern


Circle the Correct Pattern Answer

3. Cross out the one which does not form a pattern.

Cross Out the Wrong Pattern


Cross Out the Wrong Pattern  Answer

4. Continue the pattern.

Continue the Pattern

(ii) tttt, TTTT, ttt, TTT, tt, TT __________

Continue the Triangle Pattern

(iv) 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, _____, _____


Continue the Pattern Answer

(iv) 24, 28

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