Worksheet on Word Problem on Measuring Length

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problem on measuring length (i.e. addition and subtraction). Addition and subtraction in meters and centimetres is done in the similar way as in the case of ordinary numbers.

1. Shelly purchased 40 m 200 cm long rope and Jenny purchased 16 m 370 cm long rope. What is the total length of the ropes which both of them purchased?

2. Maya used 1 m 50 cm of red ribbon and 4 m 28 cm of blue ribbon to make a flower. How much ribbon did she use in all?

3. Peter wants to fence the park in front of his house on three sides, which measure 152 m 40 cm, 205 m 10 cm and 310 m 39 cms. Find the total length that is to be fenced.

4. Tailor used 1 m 235 cm of cloth to make a shirt and 2 m 105 cm to make trousers. What is the total length of cloth used by the tailor to make a shirt and trousers?

5. Aaron bought 15 m 380 cm curtain cloth which he found to be less. So, he again bought 9 m 560 cm in order to put curtains in the whole house. What is the total length of the cloth purchased by Aaron to make the curtains?

6. Ron rides his cycle 8 km per day. How many meters does he cycle in a day?

7. In a Javelin throw competition, the athlete from America threw the javelin upto a distance of 550 cm. How many meters away was the javelin?

8. Mr. Jones bought a cloth of length 3890 cm. How much is the length in m and cm?

9. One box is 44 cm 5 mm tall. Another box is 35 cm tall. How tall will the boxes be if both are stacked one on top of the other?

10. Two wooden planks of length 12 m 60 cm and 18 m 63 cm are glued together to make a long wooden bridge. What is the total length of bridge?

11. During a fire in the building, Harry the fireman needs to reach the window on fire at a height of 397 m. The length of the ladder they have can reach upto a height of 300 m 84 cm. How much length is still required to reach the window?

12. The length of string of Kite A is 6588 m and that of Kite B is 7005 m. Which kite is flying higher and by how much?

13. Five books of height 7 cm 5 mm each are stacked over one another. What is the total height so obtained?

14. Tania is running around a square park of perimeter 3 m 20 cm. She takes 3 complete rounds of the park. What is the total distance travelled by her?

15. A wall has a height of 4 m 25 cm. If each brick is 5 cm high, how many bricks were used to attain the given height of the wall.

16. Ruby cycles for 3 km 44 m each day. How many km does she cycles in the month of January if she never misses a day?

17. A stack of 10 similar newspapers is 15 cm high. What is the thickness of each newspaper?

18. Mike is at a distance of 10 km 150 m. She travelled 8 km 260 m by bus and the rest on a rickshaw. Find the distance travelled by rickshaw.

19. Richard’s house is 7 km 300 m away from school and Alex’s house is 11 km 432 m away from school. Whose house is far and by how much?

20. A shopkeeper bought 580 m 279 cm of cloth. He found that 192 m 309 cm of cloth was damaged. What length of cloth was in good condition?

21. Ron had 54 m 20 cm of ribbon to make flowers. 29 m 39 cm was left unused. How much ribbon was used to make flowers?

Answers for the worksheet on word problem on measuring length (i.e. addition and subtraction) are given below.


1. 56 m 570 cm

2. 5 m 78 cm

3. 667 m 89 cm

4. 3 m 340 cm

5. 24 m 940 cm

6. 8000 meters

7. 5 m 50 cm

8. 38 m 90 cm

9. 79 cm 5 mm

10. 31 m 23 cm

11. 96 m 16 cm

12. Kite B, 417 m

13. 37 cm 5 mm

14. 9 m 60 cm

15. 85

16. 94 km 364 m

17. 1 cm 5 mm

18. 1 km 890 m

Worksheet on Word Problem on Measuring Length

19. Alex’s house by 4 km 132 m

20. 387 m 970 cm

21. 24 m 81 cm

Measurement of Length:

Standard Unit of Length

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Addition of Length

Subtraction of Length

Addition and Subtraction of Measuring Length

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