Worksheet on Unit of Measurement

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on unit of measurement. The questions are based on conversion of bigger units to smaller units, conversion of smaller units to bigger units and word problems on metric measure of length, mass and capacity.

1. A ribbon was 32.7 m long. It was cut into 4 pieces of 3.9 m, 14.2 m, 2.9 m and 1.08 m. Find the length of remaining ribbon.

2. From the sum of 89.02 m and 10337 cm, subtract the sum of 832 dm and 41.58 m.

3. Lisa walked 2 km in the morning and 5000 m in the evening. What is the distance covered by Lisa in km?

4. Convert 65 cm to dm, m, hm, and km.

5. Express 29.5 m in dm, cm, mm, dam, hm, km.

6. Convert 1257 m to hm, dam and dm.

7. Ryan’s books weight 9 g. What is the weight in mg?

8. Jordan is 7 feet tall and weighs 51 kg. Porter is 7 feet tall and weighs 42000 g. Who is heavier and by how much?

9. One biscuit weighs 6 g. Find the weight of 1 dozen such biscuits.

10. One box of chocolates weighs 471 g. Find the weight of half a dozen such boxes in kg.

11. Subtract 63.746 kg from 87.503 kg.

12. Subtract 9500kl from 36005 kl.

13. Express 76 l in dl, cl and ml.

14. The capacity of a bucket is 27 l. It has 17 l of water. How much more water can it hold?

15. Sharon bought a tin can whose capacity was 70 l. She poured it 15 l of water, 17 l of lime juice and 36 l of sugar solution. What capacity of tin had she used up?

Answers for the worksheet on unit of measurement are given below to check the exact answers of the above word problems on metric measures.


1. 16.2 m

2. 6761 cm or 67.61 m

3. 7 km

4. 6.5 dm, 0.65 m, 0.0065 hm, 0.00065 km

5. 295 dm, 2950 cm, 29500 mm, 2.95 dam, 0.295 hm, 0.0295 km

6. 12.57 hm, 125.7 dam, 12570 dm

7. 900000 mg

8. Jordan is heavier by 9 kg or 9000 g

9. 72 g

10. 2826 g or 2.826 kg

11. 23.757 kg

12. 26505 kl

13. 760 dl, 7600 cl, 76000 ml

14. 10 l

15. 68 l

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