Worksheet on Problems Involving Percentage

We will practice the questions given in the worksheet on problems involving percentage.

1. A man spends 66 2/3 % of his monthly salary. If he spends $ 300 every month, find his monthly salary?

2. A student has to secure 33 % of the maximum marks to pass. He secures 295 marks and fails by 200 marks. Find the maximum marks.

3. If 95 % of the students are present in a school and the number of absent students is 25, find the total number of students in the school?

4. A team won 80% of the 15 games played by it. How many games did it win? How many games did it loss?

5. The air fare from Delhi to Hyderabad is $ 1500 plus a 10% surcharge. Find the total air fare of a round trip.

6. Jaya weight 60 kg. Her brother weights 20 % more. What is the weight of her brother?

7. An examinee scored 585 marks out of 900 marks. What percentage of marks did he score?

8. A boy scored 35 % marks of 900. He fails by 20 marks. What is the pass marks?

Answers for the worksheet on problems involving percentage are given below.


1. $ 450

2. 1500

3. 500

4. Win 12 games and loss 3 games.

5. $ 3300

6. 72 kg

7. 65 %

8. 335


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Problems Involving Percentage

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