Worksheet on Multiplication Word Problems

The activity provided in the third grade math worksheet on multiplication word problems is very important for the kids. Students need to read the questions carefully and then translate the information to solve the multiplication problem and find the answers of each word problems. The sheet provides large collection of word problems using multiplication for the kids to practice and test their knowledge.

1. The capacity of a drum is 60 liters of milk. How much milk can be collected in 7 drums of such capacity?

2. The cost of a chair is $315. Find the cost of 27 such chairs.

3. The weight of one bag of rice is 89 kg. What is the weight of 91 such bags?

4. There are 60 minutes in an hour. How many minutes are there in a day of 24 hours?

5. In a hall there are chairs arranged in 59 rows and in each row there are 24 chairs. How many chairs are there in the hall?

6. A watch costs $896. Find the cost of 10 such watches.

7. There are 396 pages in a book. Find the total number of pages in 21 such books.

8. There are 14 coaches in a train. In each coach there are 72 seats. Find the total number of such seats in the train.

9. Sam earns $795 per month. Find out his annual income.

10. A school has 16 classes and in each class there are 72 seats. How many students can be accommodated in the school?

11. In a school a fee of $345 is collected per student. If there are 24 students in a class, how much fee is collected from that class?

12. A hawker delivers 148 newspapers every day. How many newspapers will he deliver in the month of February of 29 days?

13. Find the product of the smallest three-digit number and the largest two-digit number.

14. What is the product of 1159 and 8?

15. A room-cooler costs $1958. Find the total cost of 5 such room-coolers.

Answers for worksheet on multiplication word problems are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions using multiplication.


1. 420 liters 

2. $8505

3. 8099 kg

4. 1440 minutes 

5. 1416 chairs 

6. $8960

7. 8316 pages 

8. 1008 seats 

9. $9540

10. 1152 students 

11. $8280

12. 4292 newspapers 

13. 9900

14. 9272

15. $9790

3rd Grade Math Worksheets

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