Worksheet on Inverse Variation

Worksheet on inverse variation word problems there are various types of questions to practice. Students can recall how to solve word problems on inverse variation and then try to solve the worksheet on inverse variation or inverse proportion.

1. If 32 men can reap a field in 15 days, in how many days can 20 men reap the same field? 

2. 12 men can dig a pond in 8 days. How many men can dig it in 6 days? 

3. A hostel has enough food for 125 students for 16 days. How long will the food last if75 more students join them? 

4. A fort had enough food for 80 soldiers for 60 days. How long would the food last if 20 more soldiers join after 15 days? 

5. 500 soldiers in a fort had enough food for 30 days. After 6 days, some soldiers were sent to another fort and thus the food lasted for 32 more days. How many soldiers left the fort? 

Hint: On the day of transfer of some soldiers from this fort, 500 soldiers had enough food for (30 - 60) = 24 days. But, the food lasted for 32 days.

6. 8 taps having the same rate of flow, fill a tank in 27 minutes. If two taps go out of order, how long will the remaining taps take to fill the tank?

7. If 12 men or 15 women can finish a piece of work in 66 days, how long will 24 men and 3 women take to finish the work?

8. 70 patients in a hospital consume 1350 litres of milk in 30 days. At the same rate, how many patients will consume 1710 litres in 28 days?

9. If 30 labourers working 7 hours a day can finish a piece of work in 18 days, how many labourers working 6 hours a day can finish it in 30 days?

10. If 5 men working 6 hours a day can reap a field in 20 days, in how many days will 15 men reap the field if they work for 8 hours a day?

11. If 18 binders can bind 900 books in 10 days, how many binders will be required to bind 660 books in 12 days?

12. If 20 men can build a 112-m-long wall in 6 days, what will be the length of a similar wall that can be built by 25 men in 3 days?

13. 6 men, working 8 hours a day, earn $ 8400 per week. What will be the earning per week of 9 men who work for 6 hours a day?

14. If 270 kg of corn would feed 42 horses for 21 days, for how many days would 360 kg of it feed 21 horses?

15. Five machines, when operated for 9 hours each day, can harvest a farm in 16 days. How many days would 8 machines take to harvest the same farm, if each machine is now operated for 10 hours each day?

Answers for worksheet on inverse variation are given below to check the exact answers of the question.


1. 24 days

2. 16 men

3. 10 days

4. 51 days

5. 125 soldiers

6. 36 minutes

7. 30 days

8. 95 patients

9. 21 labourers

10. 5 days

11. 11 binders

12. 70 m

13. $ 9450

14. 56 days

15. 9 days

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Worksheet on Inverse Variation

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