Worksheet on Division Problems by 2-digit Divisors

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on division problems by 2-digit divisors.

Solve the following:

1. The cost of 15 books of the same price is $1635. Find the cost of one book.

2. One pen costs $80. How many such pens can be bought for $25200?

3. A car covers 1230 km distance in 15 hours. How far will it go in one hour?

4. A factory produced 17625 bicycles in 25 days. The factory produced the same number of bicycles each day. How many bicycles did it produce per day?

5. The product of two numbers is 1625. If one of them is 25, find the other number.

6. 1960 chairs are kept in 27 rows equally. Find the number of chairs in each row. How many chairs are left?

7. 96 mangoes are kept in each basket. How many baskets are needed for 28800 mangoes?

8. If the divisor is 29, the quotient is 35 and remainder is 15, find the dividend.

9. The total amount of the fee collection by 21 boys is $31500. How much was paid by each student?

10. The cost of 96 sets of pens are $49920. If the costs of all the sets of pen are the same, find the cost of one set of pen.

Answers for the worksheet on division problems by 2-digit divisors are given below to check the exact answers of the above word problems on division.


1. $109

2. $315

3. 82 km

4. 705 bicycles

5. 65

6. 72 chairs, 16 chairs

7. 300 baskets

8. 1030

9. $1500

10. $520

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