Worksheet on Coordinate System

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on coordinate system. The basic questions to fill up the blanks spaces will help us to practice the co-ordinates axes in details.

(i) The co-ordinate of any point on y – axis is of the form (___, ___).

(ii) The point of intersection of co-ordinate axis is ________.

(iii) Co-ordinate axes divide the plane into 4 parts called ___________.

(iv) The plane is called the ___________ plane.

(v) The two perpendicular lines in the Cartesian plane are called _________.

(vi) Co-ordinates of the origin are ___________.

(vii) The distance of a point from y-axis is called ____________.

(viii) Co-ordinates of a point on the x-axis are of the form ____________.

(ix) The point where the two perpendicular lines in a Cartesian plane intersect is ___________.

(x) Abscissa of a point on y-axis is _____________.

(xi) The point (-5, 3) lies in the _________ quadrant.

(xii) Point (0, 2) lies or ________ axis.

(xiii) In the third quadrant abscissa is _______.

(xiv) In the third quadrant, the co-ordinates of a point are of the form (___, ___).

(xv) If y co-ordinates is -3 and x co-ordinate is 5, then the ordered pair is (__, __).

(xvi) The ___________ line is called the x-axis.

(xvii) In an ordered pair (1, 7) ____________ is 1 and ____________ is 7.

(xviii) The co-ordinates (x, y) are called the ____________ pair.

(xix) Both the co-ordinates are ___________ in the first quadrant.

(xx) Ordinate is also known as _____________.

Answers for the worksheet on coordinate system are given below to check the exact answers of the blank spaces on co-ordinates.


(i) (0, y)

(ii) origin

(iii) quadrants

(iv) Cartesian

(v) axes

(vi) (0, 0)

(vii) abscissa

(viii) (x, 0)

(ix) origin

(x) 0

(xi) second

(xii) y

(xiii) negative

(xiv) (-x, -y)

(xv) (5, -3)

(xvi) horizontal

(xvii) x co-ordinate, y co-ordinate

(xviii) ordered

(xix) positive

(xx) y co-ordinate

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