Word Problems on Measuring Mass

We will discuss here how to solve the word problems on measuring mass (i.e. addition and subtraction). Addition and subtraction in grams (g) and kilograms (kg) is done in the similar way as in the case of ordinary numbers.


(i) When we add grams to grams the sum is in grams and when we add kilograms to kilograms the sum is in kilograms. It can be done by (a) without carrying (b) with carrying.

(ii) When we subtract grams from grams, we get the difference in grams and when we subtract kilograms from kilograms, we get the difference in kilograms. It is also done in two ways (a) without regrouping (b) with regrouping.


Solved word problems on measuring mass:

1. Alex purchased 4 kg 350 g of rice. Davis purchased 3 kg 209 g more apples than Alex. Find the quantity of rice purchased by Davis.


Quantity of rice Alex purchased is 4 kg 350 g

Quantity of rice Davis purchased more than Alex is 3 kg 209 g

Therefore, total quantity of rice Davis purchased = 4 kg 350 g + 3 kg 209 g = 7 kg 559 g


2. Adrian purchased 7 kg 350 g of apples. Mike purchased 2 kg 562 g less apples than Adrian. Find the quantity of apples purchased by Mike.


Quantity of apples purchased by Adrian is 7 kg 350 g

Quantity of apples Mike purchased less than Adrian is 2 kg 562 g

Therefore, quantity of apples Mike purchased = 7 kg 350 g - 2 kg 562 g = 4 kg 788 g

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