Straight Lines

We will learn how to draw straight lines.

Fold a piece of paper and mark two dots as shown in the picture. Draw a line from one dot to another along the fold. The line we get is a straight line. The dots are known as points. 

We use capital letters like A, B, C, D to name the points.

Drawing Straight Line

We use a ruler to draw straight lines. Place a ruler as shown below on the paper. Use a pencil to draw along the edge of the ruler to join the points A and B. AB is a straight line.

Drawing Straight Line using Ruler

Sleeping lines are horizontal lines.

Sleeping Lines
Standing Lines

These are vertical lines.

Standing lines are vertical lines.

Slant Lines

These are slant lines.

Use the following color code and make the house colorful.

Sleeping Lines, Standing Lines and Slant Lines


Sleeping Lines, Standing Lines and Slant Lines Color Code

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