Map Reading

A map is a drawing that gives us information about the place. For example, a map of a bedroom might show where the bed,, dressing table, cupboards are. A map of a city or a locality shows streets, highways, schools or landmark etc.

Maps are very useful and important to us. They help us to guide us about different places and gives us directions to various places. Different symbols and colors are used to represent important places, like hospital, railway station, school in the map. A map key tells the details about the symbols used in the map.


Let us understand with the map of Ron’s locality. Ron’s house is in between Bank and Post office. His house is in left side of Post office and right side of Bank. He takes a right from his home and move forward. Then, he takes a left turn from the first cut and move ahead. Then, he takes aright turn from second cut to reach the park.

Map Reading

Questions and Answers on Map Reading:

1. Use the map to answer the questions:

Map Reading Worksheet

(i) Which road is located between School and stationary shop?

(ii) Whose house is on the left side of restaurant?

(iii) Whose house is on the left side of Pizza house?

(iv) Nita wants to visit Ron’s house. Write the directions to help her.


1. (i) Fourth road

(ii) Ben's house

(iii) Ron's house

(iv) Turn left on third road, then turn right and go till end of first road.

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