Area using Square Paper

We will learn how to find the area using square paper.

Let us take a squared paper and draw any shape. We can find the area covered by that shape by counting the squares.

Rules to find area are as follows:

(i) Count the number of full squares.

(ii) Count the number of half squares (2 triangles make 1 square)

(iii) If the square is more than half count it as 1.

(iv) If the square is less than half, exclude, that is , don’t count.

(v)Thus, we can get an approximate area of the figure.


Number of full squares = 3

Number of half squares = 4 i.e., 2 squares

Number of squares less than half = 2 (excluded)

Therefore, total area of the figure is 3 squares + 2 squares = 5 square units.

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