Addition of Metric Measures

We will discuss here about the addition of metric measures. Metric measures are added in the same way as we add ordinary numbers. We arrange the digits in columns and then add as required.

Let us consider an example.

1. Add 5 km 9 dam 8m, 9 km 9 hm 3 cm and 9 dam 3 m.


Addition of Metric Measures

We place the digits in columns and add as usual.

Ans. 9 km 9 dam 1 m 3 cm

Word problems on addition of metric measures:

2. A container had 2.32 l of petrol in it. 2.16 l of petrol was more added to it. What quantity of petrol does the container have now?


The container had petrol             =         2.32 l

Petrol added to it                      =      +  2.16 l

Total quantity of petrol               =         4.48 l

Therefore, now the container has 4.48 l of petrol.

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