Word Problems on Multiplication by 2-Digit Number

We will learn how to solve the word problems on multiplication by 2-digit number. Here we will apply the same process when we multiply a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number.

Solved examples:

1. There are 15 pencils in one packet. A shopkeeper has 60 such packets in his shop. How many pencils does he have in his shop?

Number of pencils in one packet = 15

Number of packets in the shop = 60

Therefore, total number of pencils in the shop = 60 × 15

                                                              = 900 pencils

2. A garland has 32 flowers. How many flowers are there in 45 such garland?

Number of flowers in a garland = 32

Number of garlands = 45 

Therefore, total number of flowers in 45 garlands = 45 × 32

                                                                  = 1440 flowers

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