Worksheet on Work Done in a Given Period of Time

Practice the questions provided in the worksheet on work done in a given period of time. We know, if a man takes 10 days to complete a piece of work, then according to the unitary method work done in one day = 1/10.

1. Harry can decorate a pot in 12 days. How much work can be done in 3 days?

2. Lewis can paint a picture in 20 minutes while Louis can do the same in 25 minutes. Working together how many pictures will be painted in 50 minutes?

3. Alexander can do a pieces of work in 20 days and Bailey can do the same work in 30 days. How long will they take together to do it?

4. Dylan, Edward, Finlay can do a pieces of work in 3 days, 6 days and 9 days respectively. In how many days will the work finish if Dylan, Edward, Finlay work together?

5. Jake and Joe can do a job in 10 days. Joe alone can finish it in 15 days. In how many days can Jake alone finish the job?

6. Isaac and Jacob can do a piece of work in 4 days. Jacob and Kai can do a piece of work in 6 days and Kai and Isaac can do the same piece of work in 4 days. In how many days will the work be over if Isaac, Jacob, Kai work together?

7. Jonathan is half good a workman as Jordan, and together they finish the work in 14 days. If Jordan work alone, how many days will he take to finish the work?

8. Matthew can do a piece of work in 20 days and Ryan in 15 days. They work together for 2 days, Ryan goes away. In how many days will Matthew finish the remaining work?

9. Peter can do 2/3 of the work in 8 days and Samuel can do rest of the work in 8 days. In how many days both Peter and Samuel can together do the same work?

10. Spencer can do a piece of work in 20 days and Toby in 25 days. They began to work together. But Spencer leaves after some days. Toby finish the remaining work in 11 days. After how many days did Spencer leave?

11. If Henry, James, Leo can finish the piece of work in 6 days, 8 days and 10 days respectively, and if all the three work at it together and they are paid $940 for the work, how should the money be divided among them?

12. After working for 8 days, Luca finds that 2/3 of the work is left. He employs Oscar who is 60 % efficient as Luca. How many more days will Luca take to complete the work?

Answers for the worksheet on work done in a given period of time are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


1. 1/4

2. 4  1/2 pictures

3. 12 days

4. 1  7/11 days

5. 30 days

6. 3 days

7. 21 days

8. 15  1/3 days

9. 8 days

10. 6  2/9 days

11. Henry: $400; James: $300; Leo: $240

12. 10 days

Worksheet on Work Done in a Given Period of Time

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