Worksheet on Word Problems on Four Operations

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on four operations i.e. addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (×) and division (÷).

Solve the following:

1. The population of a town is 198568. Out of them 45312 are men and 35678 are women. Find the number of children in the town.

2. A shopkeeper has 2425 boxes of 24 pencils each. How many pencils do all the boxes have in all?

3. Linda bought a coat for $2265 and a saree for $2150. She gave $5000 to the shopkeeper. How much money did the shopkeeper return to her?

4. The cost of 21 TV sets is $95844. Find the cost of one TV set.

5. A factory produces 24532 bulbs in a month. What is its annual production?

6. There are 145968 bags of sugar, 236487 bags of wheat and some bags of rice in a godown. It the total number of bags in the godown is 450000, find the number of bags of rice.

7. A factory manufactured 483685 toys in three weeks. The production in first week was 146345 toys and in second week 138152 toys. Find the production in the third week.

8. The cost of a sofa set is $9372. How much will 124 such sofa sets cost?

9. There are 86 rooms in a school. 4386 students study there. Equal number of students sits in each room?

10. 1575 students of a school want to go Agra by bus. If one bus can carry 75 students, how many buses are required to carry all the students?

11. The cost of a radio set is 1475. What is the cost of 35 such radio sets?

12. In an election, 52496 people voted for Ron, 44929 people for Jhon and 36824 people for Mike in a town. If everyone voted in the town, what is the total number of voters?

13. Maria bought 96 toys priced equally for $12960. The amount of $1015 is still left with her. Find the cost of each toy and the amount she had.

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on four operations are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


1. 117578 children.

2. 58200pencils.

3. $585

4. $4564

5. 294384 bulbs.

6. 67545 bags.

7. 199188 toys.

8. $1162128

9. 51 students.

10. 21 buses.

11. $51625

12. 134249

13. $135, $13975

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