Worksheet on Pictograph and Bar Graph

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on pictograph and bar graph.

1. Make a pictograph to show the mode of transport used by children to come to school. Use a ‘car’ to represent 50 students.

Make of Transport        Car        Bus        Cycle        Washing        Metro

No of Students            700        550         350             250           600

2. The number of runs scored by a player in 4 consecutive years is shown below:

Worksheet on Pictograph and Bar Graph

Answer the following:

(i) How many runs did the player score in the year 2003?

(ii) What is total runs scored by him?

(iii) What is the difference between his highest and lowest yearly score?

3. The marks scored by Ravi in the different subjects is given below. Represent this information by a bar graph on a graph paper.

Subjects        Maths        English        Hindi        Science

Marks              80             40             70             60

4. The weight of ‘5’ children’s of a class is represented by the help of bar graph:

Worksheet on Bar Graph and Pictograph

Answer the following Questions:

(i) Which two children have the same weight?

(ii) Whose weight is the least?

(iii) Whose height is maximum?

5. In a hundred metre race the time taken by 5 people is given below. Represent this information on a bar graph.

Name of men        John          Tom          Jack          Pat          Ravi

Seconds               11             13            16            14            12

6. Draw a pictograph to represent the following data, use a square to represent 50 students.

Name of college            P          Q          R          S          X

No. of Students          450       500        350       600      250

7.  Draw a bar graph for the following data.

Mode of Transport     Car        Bicycle        Tram        Motor Cycle        Bus

No. of Students        450          500           350              600              250 

8. Draw the graph for the following data

Stationery           Pen          Pencil          Eraser          Scale          Sharpener

Children               30             50              65               15                 25

Answers for the worksheet on pictograph and bar graph are given below.



2. (i) 400

(ii) 1300

(iii) 150

4. (i) Ryan and Tom

(ii) Sam

(iii) Ryan and Tom

5th Grade Math Problems

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