Worksheet on Decimal Word Problems

Solve the questions given in the worksheet on decimal word problems at your own space. This worksheet provides a mixture of questions on decimals involving order of operations i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

1. Aaron scored 452.65 marks out of 600 in the final examination. How many marks did he lose?

2. Amy had 0.87 litre of cold drink. Flora had 0.92 litres more cold drink. How much cold drink did Manu have?

3. The weight of a baby elephant was 218.99 kg. After two years, his weight increased by 109.85 kg. Find the weight of elephant after two years.

4. Kathi had a rope of 63.45 m. She cut the rope into two pieces. If the length of one piece was 23.59 m, what was the length of the other piece?

5. Each side of a regular polygon is 5.2 m and its perimeter is 36.4 m. Find the number of sides of the polygon.

6. A car travels 367.80 km in 6 hours. How much distance will it travel in 1 hour?

7. Ron jogged 2.2 km, Mike jogged 3.7 times more distance than Ron. Find the distance covered by Mike.

8. The daily consumption of milk in a house is 3.25 litres. How much milk will be consumed in 30 days?

9. A tin contains 18.5 litre of oil. How many such tin contain 129.5 litre of oil?

10. Find the cost of 47.2 m cloth if the cost of 1 m cloth is $33.90.

11. Find the area of a square whose side is 3.60 m.

12. The weight of 1 bag of sugar is 12.5 kg. What is the weight of 15 such bags?

13. A vehicle covers a distance of 48.3 km in 2.3 litre of petrol. How much distance will it cover in 1 litre of petrol?

Answers for the worksheet on decimal word problems are given below to check the exact answer of the above problems.


1. 147.35 marks

2. 1.79 litres

3. 328.84 kg

4. 39.86 m

5. 7 sides

6. 61.3 km

7. 8.14 km

8. 97.5 litres

9. 7 tin

10. $1600.08

11. 12.96 m2

12. 187.5 kg

13. 21 km

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