Word Problems on Estimating the Sum

We will learn how to solve different type of word problems on estimating the sum.

To solve any word math, we need to read each word carefully and select numbers carefully from the question to solve it.

1. Aaron bought 557 bags of brown rice and 368 bags of white rice. Find the total number of bags bought by Aaron.


Number of bags of brown rice = 557

Number of bags of white rice = 368

Total number of bags = 557 + 368

Word Problems on Estimating the Sum

Therefore, total number of bags bought by Aaron is 925.

2. A library has large collection of books. There are 180 English books, 155 French books and 250 Science books. How many books are there in all?


Number of English books = 180

Number of French books = 155

Number of Science books = 250

Total number of books = 180 + 155 + 250

Word Problems on Estimating a Sum

Therefore, total number of are 585.

Worksheet on Word Problems on Estimating the Sum:

Solve the following Word Problems on Estimating the Sum

1. Ron has 58 crayons. His mother gave 5 more crayons to him. How many crayons he has in all?

2. Jack wrote 28 pages and Shane wrote 38 pages in a day. How many pages did both write in a day?

3. Mike sold 233 apples and 453 mangoes in a week. How many total fruits did she sell in a week?

4. In a garden, there are 245 mango trees, 470 apple trees and 119 lemon trees. How many trees are there in the garden?

5. In a school, there are 505 boys, 358 girls. How many students are there in all?

6. During a cricket test match, Team A made 453 runs, Team B made 290 runs and Team C made 208 runs. How many runs were made in all? Which team won the match?

7. 394 people visited a food festival on Friday, 103 people visited on Saturday and 208 people visited on Sunday. How many people visited the food festival altogether in these days?

8. A flower shop has 265 roses and 37 dahlias for sale. How many flowers are there in all?

9. Ken collected 85 stamps and Tony collected 186 stamps. How many stamps did they collect in all?

10. A toy factory produced 278 and 678 toys on Monday and Tuesday. How many toys were produced in all?

11. A fruit seller bought two boxes containing 342 and 277 mangoes. Find the total number of mangoes bought.

12. In a school, there are 390 girls and 589 boys. How many total numbers of students are there in the school?

13. In an orchard, there are 722 mango trees and 135 apple trees. How many trees are there in all?

14. 275 girl students and 603 boy students that came to visit the zoo on Monday. How many students visited the zoo in all?

15. Nancy and her friends are preparing for a birthday party. They baked 182 chocolate cookies yesterday and 108 cookies today. How many cookies did they bake?

16. A shopkeeper has 275 blue pencils and 200 green pencils. How many pencils does he have in all?

17. There are 227 students in class I, 362 students in class II and 403 students in class III. How many students are there in all the three classes?

18. Gary watched television for 521 minutes in one week and 478 minutes next week. How many minutes did he watch television in both the weeks?


1. 63

2. 66

3. 686

4. 834

5. 863

6. 951, Team A

7. 705

8. 302

9. 271

10. 956

11. 619

12. 979

13. 857

14. 878

15. 290

16. 475

17. 992

18. 999 minutes

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