Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction of Length

We will discuss here how to solve the word problems on addition and subtraction of length. To solve any word problem, we need to read each word carefully and select numbers carefully from the question to solve it.

1. Shelly bought 48 m 80 cm of red ribbon and 23 m 19 cm of yellow ribbon. What is the total length of ribbons she bought?


Length of red ribbons = 48 m 80 cm

Length of yellow ribbons = 23 m 19 cm

Word Problems on Addition of Length

Total length of ribbons Shelly bought = 71 m 99 cm

2. A shopkeeper had 90 m of cotton. He sold 25 m 25 cm to Rachel and 28 m 50 cm to Sharon. How much cotton is left with him?


Length of cotton sold to Rachel =25 m 25 cm

Length of cotton sold to Sharon =28 m 50 cm

Word Problem on Addition of Length

Total length of cotton he sold = 53 m 75 cm

Length of cotton shopkeeper had = 90 m

Length of cotton shopkeeper sold = 53 m 75 cm

Word Problem on Subtraction of Length

Therefore, length of cotton left with the shopkeeper= 36 m 25 cm


Questions and Answers on Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction of Length:

1. Daniel has 15 m 28 cm long rope. He bought 23 m 45 cm more. What is the total length of the rope he has now?

Answer: 38 m 73 cm

2. Line A is 308 m 23 cm long. Line B is 657 m 8 cm long. How much shorter is line A than line B?

Answer: 348 m 85 cm

3. A roll of rope is 738 m 75 cm long. If 218 m 22 cm of the rope is used. What length of the rope is left.

Answer: 520 m 53 cm

4. Sam Painted 285 m 27 cm of the wall on Monday and 395 m 56 cm on Tuesday. How much wall did he paint altogether?

Answer: 680 m 83 cm 

5. Juliana bought 894 m 34 cm cloth from market. She used 248 m 24 cm to make sofa covers and 150 m 26 cm for cushion covers. How much cloth is left with her?

Answer: 495 m 84 cm

6. Ron has 742 m 13 cm of cloth. He distributed 657 m 53 cm among 9 poor children. How much cloth is left with him?

Answer: 84 m 60 cm

7. Nancy walks 380 m in the morning and 450 m in the evening.

(i) How much she walks in a day?

(ii) How much more she walks in the evening?

Answer: (i) 830 m

             (ii) 70 m

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