5th Grade Data Handling Worksheet

In 5th grade data handling worksheet, students can practice the questions on bar graph, line graph and pie chart. We represent the data in many ways. A graph is a pictorial representation of information. In pictograph the information is presented by using a picture as symbol. Bar graph is a method of presenting information by drawing rectangular bars of equal width and with equal space between the bars.

1. Choose the right answer to show the type of graph that will be used for the following information.

I. Number of students in the 5 sections of Grade 5.

(i) Double Bar graph                 (ii) Bar Graph


II. Favorite color of the students of class 5.

(i) Bar graph                           (ii) Line Graph


III. The sale of product of a company in last 6 months.

(i) Pictograph                          (ii) Line Graph


IV. Marks obtained by Michael in different objects in 2 terms of the year.

(i) Double Bar graph                (ii) Bar Graph


2. The face of the clock is like a pie chart with 12 parts. Then:

(i) What is the angle of each part?

(ii) How many hours will represent \(\frac{1}{3}\) of the Pie Chart?

3. Given below is the amount of money withdrawn by Mr Matthew from his bank account in last 6 months. Tick the most suitable scale to be used for making a Bar Graph.

Bar Graph 5th Grade

(i) $ 1,00,000         (ii) $ 70,000          (iii) $ 25,000         (iv) $ 50,000

4. Tick the right Pie Chart for the given information.

Choice of Restaurant

Number of Students

Mc Donald's (MC)

Pizza Hut (PH)

Dominos (Do)






Problems on Pie Graph

5. Fill in the blanks.

(i) _________ graph is suitable when we need to compare data elements.

(ii) _________ is a collection of numbers gathered to give some meaningful information.

(iii) A __________ represents data through pictures of objects.

(iv) On the scale of 1 unit length = 5 kg, the bar of length 7 units will represent _______ kg.

(v) __________ graphs are used to show change or trend over time.


6. Observe the double bar graph given below and answer the questions.

Problems on Double Bar Graph

(i) How many students are there in grade 1 in the year 2018?

(ii) What was the least strength of Grade 2 in the given four years?

(iii) What was the difference in the strength of Grade 1 and 2 in the years 2016?

(iv) In which year the difference in the strength of both the grades was maximum?


7. Number of cars sold by a dealer in a week is given below. Draw a line graph for the given data.

Problems on Line Graph


8. 48 students were surveyed to find out about their favorite drink. The information collected has been tabulated. Observe the given data and draw a pie chart.

Favourite Drink

Number of Students

Cold Drink

Fresh Fruit Juice


Apple Juice





Answer the given questions.

(i) Which is the most favorite drink of the students?

(ii) How many more students like Lemonade than Apple Juice?

(iii) Which is your favorite drink?


 1. I. (ii) Bar Graph


II. (i) Bar graph 


III.  (ii) Line Graph


IV. (i) Double Bar graph


2. (i) 30

(ii) 4 hours

3.  (iii) $ 25,000  

4. (ii)

5. (i) Bar

(ii) Data

(iii) Pictograph

(iv) 35

(v) Line

6. (i) 140

(ii) 115

(iii) 15

(iv) 2018

8. (i) Fresh Fruit Juice

(ii) 6

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