4th Grade Geometry Worksheet

We have learnt about lines, line segments, rays open and closed curves. We also know how to draw two parallel lines using set-squares. Now, answer the following questions to have a quick review of what we have learnt earlier.

I. Identify the given figures:

4th Grade Geometry Worksheet

II. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Closed figure formed by line segments ………………

(ii) Quadrilateral with all equal sides is ………………

(iii) Polygon with 7 sides is called ………………

(iv) Lines which never meet are called ……………… lines.

(v) Lines which meet at one point are called ……………… lines.

III. Identify the figure given below. Mark two points in the interior of the figure and one point in the exterior of the figure.


IV. Observe the given figure. Answer the questions given below.

Given Figure

(i) Identify the figure.

(ii) Name the vertices.

(iii) Name the sides

(iv) Name the two diagonals.

V. Circle the parallel lines in the given figures.

Circle the Parallel Lines

VI. How many lines can pass through:

(i) One point?

(ii) Two points?

VII. Give the difference between line, ray and line segment. Also draw each one of them.


I. (i) Triangle

(ii) Rectangle

(iii) Ray

(iv) Hexagon

(v) Line segment

(vi) Pentagon

(vii) Line

II. (i) Polygon

(ii) Square

(iii) Heptagon

(iv) Parallel

(v) Intersecting

III. Circle.

Interior and Exterior Points of a Circle

IV. (i) Rectangle

(ii) A, B, C, D

(iii) AB, BC, CD, DA

(iv) AC and BD

V. a and d

VI. (i) many

(ii) one

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