Worksheet on Solid Geometry

In math practice the questions given below in the worksheet on solid geometry. With the help of the diagram practice the geometry questions.

1. When is a straight line said to be …

  (i) Parallel to a plane and 

  (ii) Perpendicular to a plane? 

2. Define projection of a line segment on a plane. 

3. What is meant by the angle between a straight line and a plane? Explain with the help of a diagram. 

4. Define dihedral angle. How is the dihedral angle measured? 

5. With the help of a diagram explain the concept of a dihedral angle and its measure. 

6. Explain with the help of diagrams the following terms: 

  (i) Dihedral angle 

  (ii) Normal to a plane. 

7. Define skew lines. How is the angle between two skew lines measured?

8. If two parallel planes are intersected by another plane, then show that the two straight lines, in which the latter plane intersects the other two planes, are also parallel.


11 and 12 Grade Math 

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