Worksheet on Multiplication of Literals

Practice the questions in the worksheet on multiplication of literals. The questions are related to the literals following the phrases using numbers, literals and the basic operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication.

1. Write the following phrases algebraically:

(i) 70 times z

(ii) The product of y and 15.

(iii) Multiply 180 and w.

(iv) 12 times p added to m.

(v) Multiply 260 and y.

2. Write each of the following algebraically using signs and symbols:

(i) w times m

(ii) v times 59

(iii) The product of p and 160.

(iv) Multiply z and 9.

(v) k times the sum of 89 and x.

(vi) x times 10 added to 19 .

3. Represent the following phrases algebraically:

(i) The product of u and v.

(ii) Multiply s and k.

(iii) The product of x and 5t
(iv) 12 times z is subtract from p 

(v) y times m is subtract from 35

(vi) Four times a number p subtracted from 70


4. Write each of the following statements using numbers, literals and symbols:

(i) 21 times the sum of q and z.

(ii) 13 more than thrice a number b.

(iii) 25 times p increased by 9

(iv) Twice a number t subtracted from 50

(v) 80 times j added to k.

(vi) 17 times the sum of 101 and k

Word problems on multiplication of literals:

5. Mr. Ken covers w cm in one step. How many cm does he cover in 85 steps?

6. Mark can solve 5 math problems in one hour. How many questions he can solve in x hours?

7. The score of Mark in Mathematics is 25 more than four times of her score in Science. If Mark scored z marks in Science, determine his score in Mathematics.

8. Jenny spend $ p daily and saves $ q per week. What is her income after 6 weeks?

Answers for the worksheet on multiplication of literals are given below to check the exact answers of the above phrases or statements.


1. (i) 70z

(ii) 15y

(iii) 180w

(iv) 12p + m

(v) 260y

2. (i) wm

(ii) 59v

(iii) 160p

(iv) 9z

(v) k(89 + x)

(vi) 10x + 19

3. (i) uv

(ii) ks

(iii) 5tx

(iv) p – 12z

(v) 35 – my

(vi) 70 – 4p

4. (i) 21(q + z)

(ii) 3b + 13

(iii) 25p + 9

(iv) 50 - 2t

(v) 80j + k

(vi) 17(k + 101)

5. 85w cm

6. 5x

7. Mark's score in Mathematics = 4z + 25.

8. $ (42p + 6q)

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