Word Problems on 4-Digit Numbers

We will solve here some of the word problems on 4-digit numbers. We will apply the same method while adding and subtracting the word problems.

1. In a village, there are 2520 males and 1840 females. What is the population of the village?


Number of males in the village = 2520

Number of females in the village = 1840

Therefore, total number of population of the village = 2520 + 1840 = 4360

2. In a library, there are 3210 books on Science, 1028 books on Maths and 565 books on English literature. How many books are there in the library?


Number of books on Science = 3210

Number of books on Maths = 1028

Number of books on English literature = 565

Therefore, total number of books in the library = 3210 + 1028 + 565 = 4803

3. There are 5650 wheat bags in a godown. 2320 bags are taken out for distribution. How many are left?

Total number of wheat bags in a godown = 5650

Number of wheat bags taken out for distribution = 2320

Number of wheat bags are left = 5650 - 2320 = 3330

4. In a school, there are 4000 children. If 1268 are girls, how many are boys?

Total number of children in a school = 4000

Number of children are girls = 1268

Number of children are boys = 4000 - 1268 = 2732

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