Card Games

Enjoy playing card games while learning different form of numbers.

Students need to concentrate to WIN!!! the card games.

You will required:

8 sheets of thick paper.

Divide each sheet into 4 sections.

a b
c d

1. Pick a number from the given list. In each section of the card, write the number in each of the following ways:

(a) Standard form    

(b) Expanded form (symbols)

(c) Expended form (words)  

(d) Word form

For Example:


5000 + 200 + 40 + 1

5 thousands
2 hundreds
4 tens
1 one

Five thousand
two hundred
forty one

2. Cut each card into 4 smaller cards to make a pack of 32 cards.

3. play concentration.

You need to cards with the same number to make a match. The player who has the maximum number of cards wins!


    (a)7426          (b) 2419          (c)14239          (d)17004

    (e)76139         (f)42424          (g)1040            (h)26209

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