Worksheet on Word Problems on Multiplication of Whole Numbers

In worksheet on Word Problems on Multiplication of Whole Numbers students can practice the questions on Multiplication of large numbers

1. How many minutes are there in a week?

2. If a Garment House manufactures 1780500 shirts in a day. How many shirts were manufactured in the month of October?

3. Schools of City has 16746 students. If the annual fee per student is $16000 then what is the total fee collected annually by the city school?

4. 38944 copies of Mahabharat were sold in a year. If each book costs $835, how much money was earned by sale of these books?

5. A builder constructs 850 flats in a society. If each flat costs $648990, what are the total costs of all the flats? He donated one-tenth of the money for the flood victims. How much money was donated by the builder? What value of the builder is shown here?

6. A dealer paid 596 notes in the denomination of $500 notes. How much money was paid?

7. 200 boxes each containing 250 books were packed. How many books were packed in all?

Answers for the Worksheet on Word Problems on Multiplication of Whole Numbers are given below to check the exact answers of the questions. 

Worksheet on Word Problems on Multiplication of Whole Numbers


1. 10080 minutes

2. 55195500 shirts

3. $267936000

4. $32518240

5. $551641500; $55164150

6. $298000

7. 50000

5th Grade Math Problems

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