Worksheet on Word Problem on Multiplication

Practice the worksheet on word problems on multiplication.

1. One complete set of class IV costs $264. How much money did a class of 42 children pay to the bookshop owner, if all of them bought their books from him?

2. One pair of football shoes costs $ 628. Find the cost of 26 pairs of shoes.

3. For the school trip, every child who gave his name was asked to pay $ 550.What was the total amount collected if 128 children went on the trip?

4. Anil’s father paid the money for the water cooler in 50 dollar notes. If he gave 139 notes to the dealer, what was the cost of the water cooler?

5. A man earns $ 346 in one day. How much was his earning in the month of January?

6. The speed of an aeroplane is 675 km per hour. How much distance will it cover in 16 hours? [Hint: Distance = Speed × Time]

7. A newspaper vendor delivers 194 newspapers daily. Find total number of papers he will deliver in

(i) a week?

(ii) a month of 30 days?

(iii) a normal year?

8. In a garden, there are 44 rows of roses and in each row, there are 38 roses. How many roses are there in the garden?

9. If there are 72 apples in a box, how many apples are there in 52 boxes?

10. 38 children went on a picnic. Each child was given $ 120 to spend. How much money did they have?

11. There are 195 houses in Sunlight colony. If there are 8 people living in each house, how many people would be living in the colony?

12. Class III has 52 children in each section. If there are 9 sections, about how many children would there be in the class?

13. AT a sale, each item was priced at $ 98. 102 people picked up one item each. How much was the sale?

14. Find the product of smallest 3-digit number and greatest 2-digit number.

15. A truck contains 572 boxes of mangos. How many boxes are there in 30 trucks?

16. There are 1000 pages in a book. How many pages are there in 52 books?

17. There are 56 children in a group. I gave 5 toffees to each child. How many toffees di I distribute among 10 groups of children?

18. A factory product 1560 loaves of bread daily. How many loaves of bread will it produce in 2 weeks?

Check the answers given below of the worksheet on word problem on multiplication.


1. $ 11,088

2. $ 16,328

3. $ 70,400

4. $ 6,950

5. $ 10,726

6. 10,800 km

7. (i) 1,358

(ii) 5,820

(iii) 70,810

8. 1,672

9. 3,744

10. 4,560

11. 1560

12. 468

13. 9,996

14. 9,900

15. 17,160

16. 52,000

17. 2,800

18. 21,840

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