Worksheet on Ordinals

We need to follow the instruction to complete the worksheet on ordinals.

The turtles are rounding up the bushy path, we term the step number 1 as the first step, 2 as the second step, 3 as the third step, 4 as the fourth step, 5 as the fifth step, 6 as sixth step, 7 as seventh step, 8 as eighth step, 9 as ninth step, 10 as tenth step, 11 as eleventh step, 12 as twelfth, 13 as thirteenth step, 14 as fourteenth step, 15 as fifteenth step, 16 as sixteenth step, 17 as seventeenth step, 18 as eighteenth step, 19 as nineteenth step and 20 as twentieth step. Follow the instructions given below and count the turtles to color them as per the codes.

Use the codes. Color the turtles:

(i) blue – first, twentieth

(ii) purple – fifth, sixteenth

(iii) orange – seventh, fourteenth

(iv) yellow – ninth, twelfth

(v) green – second, nineteenth

(vi) red – third, eighteenth

(vii) black – eighth, thirteenth

(viii) pink – tenth, eleventh

(ix) white – fourth, seventeenth

(x) brown – sixth, fifteenth

Using the codes to color the turtles.

2nd Grade Math Practice

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