Worksheet on Factoring Binomials

Practice the worksheet on factoring binomials to know how to find the common factor from the binomials. For factoring the binomials we need to find the common factor in each term so that we can find out the common factor.

Note: To practice factoring binomials recall the reverse method of distributive law means in short nu-distributing the factor.

1. Factorize the following binomials:

(i) 3a + 21                                      

(ii) 7m – 14 

(iii) y3 + 3y

(iv) 20x + 5x2

(v) – 16x + 20x3

(vi) 5x2y + 15xy2

(vii) 9a2 + 5a

(viii) 19a – 57b

(ix) 25a2b2c3 – 15ab3c

2. Factor each of the following algebraic expression:

(i) 13n + 39                                                   

(ii) 19y - 57z

(iii) 21xy + 49xyz  

(iv) – 16p + 20p3

(v) 12x2y – 42xyz

(vi) 27a3b3 + 36a4b2

Answers for the worksheet on factoring binomials are given below to check the exact answers of the simple factors.


1. (i) 3(a + 7)  

(ii) 7(m - 2)  

(iii) y(y + 3)   

(iv) 5x(4 + x)  

(v) 4x(-4 + 5x2)

(vi) 5xy(x + y)   

(vii) a(9a + 5)  

(viii) 19(a – 3b)   

(ix) 5ab2c(5ac2 – 3b)

2. (i) 13(n + 3)     

(ii) 19(y - 3z)    

(iii) 7xy(3 - 7z) 

(iv) 4p(-4 + 5p2)

(v) 6xy(2x – 7z)

(vi) 9a3b2(3b + 4a)

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