Worksheet on Change of Subject

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on change of subject

When a formula involving certain variables is known, we can change the subject of the formula.

What is the subject in each of the following questions? Change the subject as indicated.

1. v = u + at; make a the subject.

2. P = \(\frac{m}{m + n}\); make m the subject.

3. A = π(R2 – r2); make R the subject.

4. \(\frac{1}{R}\) = \(\frac{1}{r_{1}}\) + \(\frac{1}{r_{2}}\); make r2 the subject.

5. s = ut + \(\frac{1}{2}\)at2; make a the subject.

6. In the formula S= 2(lb + bh + lh), S is the subject. Write the formula with h as the subject.

7. If l = a + (n – 1)d, write the formula for the subject n.

8. If 2ax + 3b2 = 2bx + 3a2, write the formula for x in terms of a, b in the simplest form.

Answers for the worksheet on change of subject  are given below:


1. v; a = \(\frac{v - u}{t}\)

2. P; m = \(\frac{nP}{1 - p}\)

3. A; R = \(\pm \sqrt{\frac{A}{\Pi} + r^{2}}\)

4. R; r2 = \(\frac{Rr_{1}}{r_{1} - R}\)

5. s; a = \(\frac{2(s - ut)}{t^{2}}\)

6. h = \(\frac{s - 2lb}{2(b + l)}\)

7. n = 1 + \(\frac{l - a}{d}\)

8.x = \(\frac{3}{2}\)(a + b)

9th Grade Math

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