Worksheet on Area and Perimeter 

In worksheet on area and perimeter worksheet we will find the perimeter of a plane closed shape, perimeter of a triangle, perimeter of a square, perimeter of a rectangle, area of a square, area of rectangle, word problems on perimeter of square, word problems on perimeter of rectangle and word problems on area of square and problems on area of rectangle.

I. Given below is the plan of Mr. Jones’s new house. Observe the plan and answer the questions given on the next page.

Worksheet on Area and Perimeter

(i) What is the area of the living room?

(ii) He wants his children to take the bedroom with lower perimeter. Which bedroom will be given to the children?

(iii) Mr. Jones wants to convert half of his garden into a pool. What will be the area of the pool?

(iv) Which of the balcony is greater in area and by how much?

(v) What is the perimeter of the entrance?

(vi) What is the perimeter of the kitchen?

II. Find the perimeter of a hexagon with side 4 m each.

III. Choose the right answer and fill in the blanks:

(i) ……………………………… is the length of the boundary of a plane closed shape.

(a) circle

(b) area

(c) perimeter

(d) pentagon

(ii) The perimeter of a square with side 15 m will be ……………………………….

(a) 60 m

(b) 225 sq. meter

(c) 60 square meter

(d) 15 meter

(iii) ……………………………… is the amount of surface covered by an object..

(a) circle

(b) area

(c) perimeter

(d) pentagon

(iv) The area of a rectangle with length 30 m and breadth 13 m will be ………………………………

(a) 390 m

(b) 130 m

(c) 130 square meter

(d) 390 square meter

IV. Choose the right answer:

Ryan wants to put a lace around a square cloth with length 15 meter. He bought a lace of length 40 meter. How much more does he need?

(i) 10 meter

(ii) 20 meter

(iii) 30 meter

(iv) 8 meter

V. For the given figure find the area and perimeter if each side of a square is 1 unit.


Area and Perimeter

(a) Perimeter is __________

(b) Area of figure is __________


Perimeter and Area

(a) Perimeter is __________

(b) Area of figure is __________


Perimeter and Area of a Figure

(a) Perimeter is __________

(b) Area of figure is __________

VI. Find the area and perimeter for the given:







               Length = 35 cm

               Breadth = 30 cm





               Side = 13 m




Area and Perimeter of the given Shape



VII. Word Problems on Area and Perimeter:

(i) Shelly has a rectangular garden of length 22 m and breath 15 m. Her friend Rachel has a square garden of side 21 m. Whose garden is bigger and by how much?

(ii) Tina wants a new carpet for her rectangular dining room. Her dining room is a 5 meters by 7 meters rectangle. How much carpet does she need to buy to cover her entire dining room.

(iii) Luci is making a display board for the school exhibition. The display board is a 3 m by 2 m rectangle. He needs to add a ribbon border around the entire display board. What is the length of ribbon that he needs?


I. (i) 72 sq. m

(ii) bedroom 2

(iii) \(\frac{45}{2}\) sq. m

(iv) balcony 2 is greater by 3 sq. m

(v) 24 m

(vi) 20 m

II. 24 m

III. (i) (c) perimeter

(ii) (a) 60 m

(iii) (b) area

(iv) (d) 390 square meter

IV. (ii) 20 meter

V. (i) (a) 28

(b) 30

(ii) (a) 24

(b) 21

(iii) (a) 22

(b) 14

VI. (i) 1050 sq. cm, 130 cm

(ii) 169 sq. m, 52 m

(iii) 81 sq. cm, 60 cm

VII. (i) Rachel’s garden 111 sq. m

(ii) 35 sq. m

(iii) 10 m

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