Reading Pictographs

Pictograph: Any information represented through pictures is called pictograph.

Collection and Recording of Data: There are different ways of collecting and recording of information (data). We shall take up two examples of collection of data.

Richel went to a toy shop. She counted different kinds of toys sold in a day and noted them as follows:

Motor Bike








The information representation represented in the form of a table given above is called Recording or tabulating of data.

The recorded data can be represented through pictures as under:

Toys sold in a day

Reading Pictographs

Let us take another example.

A child visited a garden. The garden has only fruit plants (trees). He found that there are 6 manngo trees, 5 banana trees, 4 rose trees, 6 coconut trees 8 grapes trees. The child collected this information with him and come back home. The child recorded this information in the form of a table as shown below:

Mango trees

Banana trees

Rose trees

Coconut trees

Grapes trees






The recorded data can be represented through pictures as shown below:

Interpret Pictographs

This form of representation of information facilities answering of different types of equations related to the data for example:

(i) Name the tree which is greatest in number in the garden.

In the garden, grapes trees are greatest in number, i.e., 8

(ii) Which tree is least in number in the garden?

Rose trees are least in number, i.e., 4

(iii) How many trees are there in the garden?

There are 6 + 5 + 4 + 6 + 8 = 29 trees in the garden.

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