Practice Test on Fractional Numbers

In math practice test on fractional numbers the questions are based on fractions. The questions are related on finding largest and the smallest fraction, arranging the fractional numbers, finding out the proper, improper and mixed fractions and the word problems on fractions.

1. Which is the largest fraction in each group?

(a) ¹/₇,   ¹/₂,   ¹/₃

(b) ³/₈,   ³/₉,   ³/₁₀

(c) ⁵/₉,   ⁵/₇,   ⁵/₅

(d) ³/₄,   ³/₇,   ³/₉

2. Write each group in the above question 1 in descending order and ascending order. 

3. Which is the smallest fraction in each of this group? 

(a) ¹/₂,   ¹/₃,   ¹/₄

(b) ²/₃,   ²/₄,   ²/₅

(c) ⁷/₈,   ⁷/₉,   ⁷/₁₀

(d) ³/₃,   ³/₄,   ³/₅

4. Pick out the unit fraction from the following fraction numbers:

³/₇ , ¹/₄ , ²/₅ , ¹/₈ , ¹/₉ , ⁵/₈ , ⁶/₉ , ¹/₃

5. Fill in the blanks:

(a) When the numerator is 1 in a fraction number, it is called a __________.

(b) If the numerator is the same, the larger fraction has the __________ denominator.

(c) If the denominator is the same, the larger fraction has the __________ numerator.

(d) In fraction numbers when the numerator and denominator is the same, the number is __________.

6. Draw three circle with the same centre. From the following fractional numbers, pick out the proper fraction and write them in the innermost circle, the improper fraction in the centre circle and the mixed numbers in the outer circle.

fractional numbers

⁵/₃ ; 1¹/₂ ; ⁷/₂ ; ²/₃ ; 6¹/₂ ; ⁶/₇ ; ⁷/₃ ; ²/₅ ; 3 ¹/₃ ; 2¹/₄ ; 5¹/₇ ; ⁶/₇ ; ⁷/₁₀ ; ²/₉ ; ⁹/₂ ; ³/₈ ; ⁸/₃ ; 3¹/₈.

7. Fill in the blanks:

(a) When the numerator is less than the denominator, it is
called a __________ fraction.

(b) When the numerator is more than the denominator, it is called as __________ fraction.

(c) A number which has a whole part and a fractional part is called a __________ number.

8. Write the fraction for: ( Example: five sixths is ⁵/₆).

(a) one fourth

(b) five fifths

(c) four tenths

(d) one eighths

(e) five twelfths

(f) nine thirteenths

(g) seven fifteenths

(h) two nineths

9. (a) If you have eaten ¹/₄ of the chocolate, how much is left?

(b) What fraction of the week do you go to school?

10. Joy walked ¹/₃ of the way to school and then took a bus. How much of the way did she go by bus?

Answers of the practice test on fractional numbers are given below to find the exact answers of the above questions on fractions.

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