Numbers from Ten Thousand to One Lakh

We will learn numbers from ten thousand to one lakh.

The number 10000 has five digits – the numeral 1 and four zeroes to the right of 1.

Ten Thousand

10000 is the smallest five digit number.

It is represented on the abacus as

1 ten thousand, 0 thousands, 0 hundreds, 0 tens, 0 ones = ten thousand

Ten Thousand on Abacus

Number upto One Lakh

Let us try to read the numbers beyond ten thousand.











ten thousand and one

ten thousand and nine

ten thousand and ninety nine

ten thousand and two hundred

ten thousand and five hundred

eleven thousand

twenty thousand and nine

fifty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine

ninety thousand

ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine

All the numerals from 10000 to 99999 have 5 digits.

               The largest 5-digit number is 99999.

               What is 99999 + 1? 99999 + 1 = 100000

               100000 is the smallest six digit number.

               It is read as one hundred thousand or one lakh.

               In 1 lakh, 1 is followed by five zeroes.

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