Number that Comes After

What number that comes after the given number?

Kids need to find the number that comes next after the given number. By playing the games on numbers that comes after kids can memorize the sequence of counting numbers. To work on the worksheets on numbers that comes after children need to count numbers forward to find the next number. Before practicing this worksheet, count the numbers serially to make sure that you know the numbers in order. Then grab a color pencil to make your worksheet looks colorful and try to write the number that comes just after.

Time Required to complete write what comes just after:

(i) Beginners, preschoolers, primary and elementary kids try to complete the worksheet within 15 minutes. 

(ii) Kindergarten kids needs to complete this within 10 minutes. 

(iii) 1st grade children try to complete this worksheet within 5 minutes. 

Children can practice math games worksheets on writing the numbers just after to increase the skills of counting numbers in order to know the number sequence by using the colorful pencil. 


The number that comes just after 5 is 6 which is shown in the worksheet so that children gets a fair idea about how to write and complete the worksheet on the allotted time. 

Games on Number that Comes After,Number that Comes After

Questions and Answers on Number that Comes After:

1. Count forward and write three numbers from the given numbers.

(i) 38 _____  _____  _____ 

(ii) 19 _____  _____  _____ 

(iii) 96 _____  _____  _____ 

(iv) 52 _____  _____  _____ 

(v) 69 _____  _____  _____ 

(vi) 77 _____  _____  _____ 


1. (i) 39, 40, 41

(ii) 20, 21, 22

(iii) 97, 98, 99

(iv) 53, 54, 55

(v) 70, 71, 72

(vi) 78, 79, 80

2. In a colony there are 10 houses in a row. The first house has been allotted the number 750. Write the numbers allotted for the remaining 9 houses.

After Numbers


751, 752, 753, 754, 755, 756, 757, 758, 759, 760

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