Math Employment Test Sample 8

Solve different types of math word problems on math employment test sample 8. These 15 sample math questions will help the student to practice and increase the knowledge which type of questions comes for math employment test.

1. A worker salary was reduced by m%. Find the percent by which the new salary would have to be raised to bring it back to the original amount.

2. If 4 times a number is increased by 6, the result is 58. What is the number?

3. Separate the number 50 into two parts so that one number is 4 times another number.

4. Leah is 4 years younger than her sister Layla. If the sum of their ages is 18, how old are Leah and Layla?

5. Four more than 1/3 of a number is 8. What is the number?

6. Separate the number 24 into two parts so that one number is twice the other number.

7. If five times a number is decreased by 3, the result is 207. What is the number?

8. Alex is 7 years older than Jordan. If the sum of their ages is 33, how old is Alex and Jordan?

9. Keire Anne is 2 years more than twice the age of Mary Jane. The sum of their ages is 17. How old is each girl?

10. Maria is 3 years younger than her brother Juan. The sum of their ages is 27. How old are Maria and Juan?

11. Taylor is 2/3 as old as her cousin. The sum of their ages is 45. How old are Taylor and her cousin?

12. The amount of money in a savings account at the end of a year if P dollars were deposited at the beginning of the year and I% interest was earned on the account.

13. Laura's pay for one week if she worked 8 hours at her regular rate and 3 hours of overtime at 1.5 times her regular rate.

14. A chemistry researcher has a container filled with 100 ml of hydrochloric acid (HCl). If the researcher does a series of experiments that each use 4 ml of HCl, how much of the acid is left?

15. A security fence is built around a rectangular parking area of 20,000ft^2. If the front side of the fence cost $20/ft and the other three sides cost $10/ft, solve graphically for the dimensions (to 1ft) of the parking area if the fence is to cost $7500.

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Math Employment Test Samples

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