Matching Numbers Worksheets

In matching numbers worksheets children need to count the objects and then match the numbers with it. Match the numbers with the objects help the kids to practice counting. First read the number in mind and then count the objects to match with the correct one. Grab a color pencil or a wooden pencil to match the number to the exact object. Kids can use color pencil to make the worksheet colorful.

Time Required for completing the Numbers Matching with the Object:

(i) Beginners or preschoolers or primary or elementary kids try to complete this sheet within 12 minutes.

(ii) Kindergarten kids needs to complete this within 7 minutes.

(iii) 1st grade children try to complete this worksheet within 4 minutes.

Kids can practice math games on matching numbers worksheets to increase the skills of counting and connect the number to the exact number of objects by using the pencil and draw the lines. 


Number 1 is solved for the children to get the ideas how to match the numbers with the objects similarly complete the worksheets by counting the objects.

matching numbers worksheets,worksheets by counting the objects

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