Facts about Multiplication

We have learnt multiplication of numbers with 2digit multiplier. Now, we will learn more. Let us know some facts about multiplication.

1. In multiplication, the number being multiplied is called the multiplicand and the number by which it is being multiplied is called the multiplier. 


Facts about Multiplication

The answer of the multiplication is called the product.

2. The product of any number multiplied by a ‘zero’ is zero.

Example: Think — If each child gets ‘zero’ sweets, how many sweets will 4 children get?

4 times 0 sweets or 4 × 0 = 0

3. The product of any number multiplied by ‘one’ is equal to the number itself.

Example: Think — If every child gets ‘1’ sweet, how many sweets are needed for 8 children?

1 child → 1 sweet

8 children → 8 times 1 sweet

8 × 1 sweet = 8 sweets

Product is equal to the number itself.

4. In a multiplication operation, the product can be equal to the numbers being multiplied or greater than, but never the smaller, except when one of the number is zero.


Multiplication Facts

5. For every multiplication fact there are two division facts.


Multiplication Fact

Thus, the product divided by the multiplicand equals the multiplier and the product divided by the multiplier equals the multiplicand.

6. In multiplication operation, the change in the order of the numbers being multiplied does not change the product.

Example: 9 × 8 = 8 × 9 = 72

12 × 5 = 5 × 12 = 60


The division fact is used for finding the missing multiplicand or multiplier.

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