Basic Concept of Perimeter

We will discuss here about the basic concept of perimeter.

The total length of a closed figure is called the perimeter.

In case of square, rectangle and triangle, the perimeter is the sum of all the sides of the figure.

In case of circle, the perimeter is the length of the boundary of the circle.

For example, suppose if I have to find the perimeter of a rectangle then I will measure all its sides using a scale.

Concept of Perimeter

After measuring the rectangle using a scale we get the measure as

Basic Concept of Perimeter

Now add all the sides of the rectangle 5cm + 1 cm + 5 cm + 1 cm = 12 cm.

Therefore, the perimeter of this rectangle is 12 cm.


Perimeter of Square = 4 × Length of one side

Perimeter of Rectangle = 2(Length of one side + Length of adjacent side)

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